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Curriculum 2016-17 Overview of themes

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Cycle 1
Journeys Toys & Play Dinosaurs
Cycle 2
Settling in and Space Growth and Change Seaside and under the sea
Year 1 Why is my family so special? Toy Story! Amazing Africa Enchanted
(& Growth)
Brilliant builders(isambard Kingdom Brunel) Oh I do like to be beside the seaside(Grace Darling)
Main subject focus Science/Geography History Geography Literacy & Science D.T. Geography/History
Year 2 Do you trust the story book wolves? What is a good friend?
(locality study)
Why do we explore the world? Nighty Night How can we put the fire out? Would you like to be a pirate?
Main subject focus Literacy PHSE/Geography
Geography/History Science History History/Geography
Year 3 Is the Ice Age based on fact and how does it help us study the Stoneage?(Stone Age- Iron Age) Who are our heroes? Were the Romans really revolting? How is the Earth so powerful?(Earthquakes & Volcanoes) Is Roald Dahl the best children's writer ever? What lies beneath the canopy?
Main subject focus History Science/Art/P.E. History Geography Literacy Geography
Year 4 How did the Blitz affect Manchester? Why are we mad for Manchester

Can a picture tell a thousand words?(film)

Why should you visit Barcelona? What have the Ancient Greeks done for us? How do you become Top Gear?
Main subject focus History Geography/History Literacy Geography History D.T.
Year 5 Should chocolate be banned? Was Alfred the greatest hero of them all?(Anglo Saxons) Is space the final frontier? How has childhood changed?(comparing Victorian childhood to now) Rivers Deep Mountain High (World Experience) Was Tutankhamen murdered?
Main subject focus Literacy/Geography History History Science History History/Geography
Year 6 Places people go (Mapping skills)

                           Why should we remember WW1?


How do natural disasters affect us?(Titanic) Mayan Civilisation Should you or shouldn't you? Is Shakespeare really relevant today?
Main subject focus Geography & Literacy History Geography History Science/PSHE Literacy/History


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