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Enriching experiences and opportunities help to raise achievement and improve children's life chances.


Respecting others: Tasting new foods and finding out about other cultures

We tried to enable as many children as possible to experience another culture by celebrating Chinese New Year. Some children tried new foods such as spring rolls and egg fried rice. Other children made beautiful lanterns and discovered the magic of Dragon dances. 

Manchester as a city has a large chinese community and it is so important we get to understand some of the values and traditions so fundmental to the lives of our neighbours.

Communicating with others: Bringing people together

Communicating with others is the most special feeling ever. It brings people closer together.

There are people in the world, and indeed within our wider Oldham community, that have a hearing impairment and communicate through signing.

Our school community took part in a very special activity called Sign2Sing, where we learnt and performed a song together, using signing.

This experience brought us together and allowed us to understand the importance of communication in a different form. It brought greater empathy and understanding to our children and staff.

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Co-operation, collaboration, creativity

There are many approaches to effective learning. Co-operation and collaboration are crucial. We need to 'grow' children who know how to work and learn together on shared ideas and projects. Creativity is also really important. We need children who can come up with ideas, have their own thoughts and think 'outside of the box'. 


It is so important that staff at school experience exciting new opportunities to learn from each other and become even better teachers and support staff.

Staff from Mayfield and East Crompton St George's (also Cranmer Education Trust) met to share some ideas that they felt worked and to bring back one or two different ideas to try in each of our schools. 

Being open to suggestions and new ideas is such an important skill. Very few people can achieve success without the support and advice of others.

Teachers too are learners who try new things and take risks.



Creating a caring society


Miss Ward and Kieran from Year Three talked to others about 'World Thinking Day'; a day for us all to think about others in the world. They look amazing in the Guiding and Scouting uniforms.


Our amazing Reception children took part in Balanceability sessions where they developed their early cycling skills. Children tried so hard until they had mastered balancing and how to manouevre safely around tricky circuits. What a great week they had!



Taking responsibility: Safer Internet Day

One of the most amazing inventions is the Internet. Its capabilities are immense.

One of the most dangerous interventions is the Internet. Its capabilities are immense.

We looked at how to use the Internet safely and sensibly and found out how we need to behave when 'surfing the net' and using social media. We discussed our responsibilities to ourselves and others.

"Teamwork can be really tricky sometimes, but we try hard because it is important". (Year Three child)

Discovery, exploration, understanding

Do enough children know what to do when they get stuck?

"Discovery consists of seeing everything that everyone has seen but thinking of what nobody has thought". Albert Einstein.

We encourage our children to learn through play and outdoor experiences. We try to develop crucial skills such as problem-solving, decision making and being brave when trying to find solutions.

Why can't the children at Mayfield become the next explorers, scientists, geologists, archaeologists, astronauts and architects?

"The sky is not the limit because there are footsteps on the moon".

Learning with others: trying something new




Our School Council spent the day at Oldham's Council Chambers, learning more about Democracy. Children worked with children from Greenhill, as part of our Linking Project.


Our children have so much to offer because they believe in listening to each other, fairness, respect and equality. We are proud of all of young people.

Balancing, cycling, listening and perseverance!

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