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Sentence Tricks improve writing


Progression through school

In January, we introduced the concept of 'Sentence Tricks' in our school to support children's improvement in writing. This work is based on some of the work developed by educationalist Alan Peat.

Each year group now directly introduces 4-6 colour coded Sentence Tricks, which are built on over time. By the time children reach Year Six, they should have a solid understanding of over 25 sentence types.

"Sentence Tricks help me to improve my writing and show me how to use tricky punctuation like colons". (Year Six child)

Application in our writing

Sentence Tricks help to broaden children's understanding of a wide variety of sentence types, in turn supporting improvement within grammar and punctuation. Children are challenged to use Sentence Tricks within their own writing, to show that they are able to apply some of the skills they are being taught.

"I tried to use the 'Emotion word' trick in my story and it helped me to show character thoughts and feelings". (Year Five child)

Teachers looked at examples of children's writing from Foundation Stage to Year Six to look at whether Sentence Tricks were improving children's writing. There was significant improvement for many of our writers who should feel extremely proud of themselves!

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