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House Points

The winning team for last week was the WAVERLEY BLUES
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                Kingston Reds                         Vulcan Yellows                                                     Granite Greens                       Waverley Blues

Mayfield Primary School is a school based at the heart of its community and this drives the work we do. Our community really matters to us and it became increasingly more important that our House Team names reflected this. After days (and days.....and days!) of deliberation, we decided to use street names within our community to inspire our brand new, exciting House Team names. We have something personal to Mayfield, and as a school we should be incredibly proud of this. 

The winning House Team each week is awarded 100 points and the special 'Mayfield Cup', donated to school by Jackie Stanton (a member of the Mayfield's Management Board). The team in second place receives 75 points, with third place: 50 points and fourth place: 25 points. 

Termly Winners

  Half Term 3 Half Term 4 Half Term 5 Total
Waverley Blues        
Granite Greens        
Vulcan Yellows        
Kingston Reds        


Weekly Results

8th September 2017 - 1st - Red 2nd - Green 3rd - Yellow  4th - Blue 

15th September 2017 - 1st-Red  2nd - Green  3rd- Yellow  4th - Blue   

22nd September 2017 - 1st Green   2nd - Yellow  3rd - Blue   4th - Red

29th September 2017 - 1st - Blue     2nd - Red   3rd Yellow  4th- Green

6th October 2017 1st - Red 2nd - Green 3rd - Yellow  4th - Blue 

13th October 2017 1st - Green 2nd - Blue  3rd - Red 4th - Yellow 

20th October 2017 1st Yellow  2nd - Red  3rd - Blue   4th- Green

27th October 2017 1st - Red 2nd - Yellow  3rd - Green 4th - Blue

10th November 2017 - 1st Green  2nd - Yellow  3rd - Blue 4th - Red

17th November 2017 31st- ellow  2nd - Green 3rd - Red 4th - Blue 

24th November 2017 - 1st - Blue 2nd- Green  3rd - Red  4th Yellow 



 House Teams are trying exceptionally hard with their behaviour, effort and attitude. We are so proud of their achievements. Results are so close this half-term. Don't forget to check out our points board in school for more information. Good luck in the last few days everybody!



Mayfield Primary School recently launched its House Team system from Nursery to Year Six, in order to support exceptional behaviour, effort and attitude to learning. All children are encouraged to earn House Team Points for their team, by demonstrating those skills that are important to our school, eg: hard work, determination, perseverance, team-work, kindness, respect and positivity. Our aim is to promote excellence, together.

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